What the Hiatus?

It’s the end of March, and you might have noticed that we last published a full blog post at the beginning of February!  While this blog hasn’t been active for nearly two months, our Twitter handle @FoodBoozeTunes has been very active lately.  We’ve been tweeting the songs we’re listening to, with some short (often snarky, in an endearing sort of way) commentary, and perhaps with a YouTube link so you can listen too!  Sometimes, we tweet about the food and booze we’ve been consuming as well.

Anyhow, we’re taking this website break to retool the podcast.  Perhaps a more bite-sized eating-drinking-listening commentary would be a better choice.  Perhaps we might add some video (note to self:  get a video camera) to the mix.  We’ll probably do some full-length album and Shut-in Cinema feature film podcasts from time to time as well.

And finally:  “Do You Feel Like We Do”?

— Ryan

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