FoodBoozeTunes: A Reintroduction

Initially, FoodBoozeTunes was all about consuming various combinations of, yes, food and booze and tunes, as well as other media.  Sometimes the pairings — well, threesomes, since we’re talking about three things at once — were awesome.  Sometimes they were bizarre.  We have some of these combinations documented in audio form on this website, as podcasts.


The other day, I thought about what I could do about this months-neglected blog.  I had recently taken up the delicious (and often necessary) art of cooking.  While consuming good food/drink/media is still a part of FoodBoozeTunes, I would like to make this blog more about creating as much as it is about consuming.  That being said, I plan to share some recipes I have learned from others, found on the Web, and/or have modified to my liking.

I don’t claim to be a chef or short-order cook.  I won’t make it in the high-stakes world of fast food.  I am no connoisseur of food.  But I like to cook, I like to eat, I like to pour, I like to drink, I like to create multimedia, and I like to consume media worth consuming.

Let me share some of my cooking process.  I am at that age where my hair falls more often then I’d like.  Since I like cooking for not only myself, but also for others, I don’t want them to eat a mouthful of my hair.  I don’t own a chef’s hat, and I don’t want to wear a hairnet, so I like to wear a black felt cowboy hat to keep the food free from falling head debris.

The above hat was my party hat (sometimes) during my college years, and it’s totally badass to this day!

When I wore glasses, I (A) could see better and (B) had relatively good eye protection for much of the day.  Ever since I got LASIK surgery (a big shout-out to the wonderful folks at Inland Eye LASIK!), I could see slightly better than 20/20 (approaching 20/15), but my eyes don’t have the “built-in” protection of wearing glasses all the time.

While cooking, you kind of want to protect your eyes from random splattering from the stove and the virtual backdraft from the oven.  I wear protective goggles.  I actually bought them during my final year of college, for a microbiology class.

Since this is FoodBoozeTunes, I like listening to music while cooking, but not just any music — it has to be the music from the band Queen.  I have their first seven albums, as well as various latter-era tracks, stuffed into a second-generation iPod shuffle.

I prefer Queen songs that are not well-known amongst general American audiences, and I give bonus points to the tracks written by their non-singing bass player John Deacon.

I was thinking that a fun cooking show (or comedy sketch) would involve a host/chef afflicted with rock ‘n roll lead singer “Tourette’s” — basically, uncontrollable Freddie Mercury-isms.  So while getting some ingredients YEAH!, the host HEY-HEY! could start dancing and I LIKE IT! improvising what to say C’MON!  The host YES, SIR! could treat a wooden spoon BABY! like a microphone.

It would be an awesome cooking show.

Now that I’ve suited up with the “proper” sanitary and protective equipment, I can cook (and be awesome whilst cooking).

The LEGO minifigure wearing a cowboy hat and protective goggles is a close enough approximation of yours truly in FoodBoozeTunes action.  Anyhow, I look forward to sharing recipes and other awesomeness in this new FoodBoozeTunes!

— Ryan

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