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Shut-in Cinema: ‘Frozen’

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

Shut-in Cinema (1:34:22)

I haven’t recorded a Shut-in Cinema podcast since November.  (If you haven’t noticed, I use the term podcast very loosely on this site, since they only involve a dude — yours truly — eating, drinking, and sometimes talking while consuming some form of media, like albums and films.)  My friend Whitny recently reviewed the film Frozen (DVD | Blu-ray) on her blog, comparing its premise to an actual personal experience of hers, so I thought I’d watch it too.

Food: Popcorn:

Unlike the FoodBoozeTunes music podcast, with a seemingly random menu, the Shut-in Cinema movie podcast will have a more structured menu (with slight variations, of course).  Instead of food, booze, and tunes, we’ll have popcorn, soda, and a movie.

The popcorn I had was from a Popcornopolis gift basket, a Christmas gift from my cousins (thanks, Lee, Sharon, and baby Lucas!).  The basket contained four varieties of popcorn:  A bag of salty Cheddar Cheese, a bag of less-salty, somewhat sweet Kettle Corn, a bag of sweeter Caramel, and a bag of chocolate-covered Zebra.  I was most impressed by the Zebra variety of popcorn, so much that I had to see if Popcornopolis offered an affiliate program.  I want to spread the word (and possibly keep this site afloat, if there are any kind shoppers among you!).

Popcornopolis 20% Off

Okay, the product placement commercial break is over.

Booze: Soda:

I just had a caffeine-free Pepsi from the can.  The sugary cola worked well with the salty Cheddar Cheese popcorn, but not so much the sweeter varieties (even though liked the chocolate Zebra the best).  I should have spiked the soda with something, but I already had a couple of drinks recording a FoodBoozeTunes podcast (which I’ll post in a few days).

Tunes: Movie:

I’m not much of a reviewer.  I loved the creaky, bassy, wooshy sound design in Frozen.  My reactions and rants recorded in the podcast are real.  I applaud the masterful performances by the wolves, who exemplified the “waste not, want not” philosophy of planetary stewardship.  (Okay, maybe I read into that a little too much.)  In any case –


Here’s Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like the Wolf”:

— Ryan

Shut-in Cinema: ‘Black Dynamite’

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Shut-in Cinema:  Black Dynamite (1:26:40)

Shut-in Cinema is for people who don’t want to watch movies alone, and who also don’t mind having an annoyingly talkative companion (yours truly). The film on the menu is Black Dynamite. This is my real-time “commentary,” which this time has more chuckles and eating noises than actual chatting.  It’s also posted at Auderamos.

The Menu:

Johnnie Walker Black Label, meet Black DynamiteBlack Dynamite, meet Black Label.

Vegetarian Apritada (my mom’s recipe):  Chopped Terkettes, red bell peppers, peas, and onions, sauteed with garlic and canola oil; fried cut potatoes.

Oh yeah, for most of the film, I snacked on Fritos, the reduced salt one.

— Ryan

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