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FoodBoozeTunes: ‘Heart – Greatest Hits’

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

FoodBoozeTunes (1:19:05)

I admit that I had a little too much fun recording this episode of FoodBoozeTunes.

The idea for this episode began, like so many others, with The Whitny List.  My friend’s food, booze, and tunes combination was any Lean Cuisine TV dinner + wine coolers + sappy 80s Heart.

I had none of the above in stock, so I dared to do the relative opposite of the prescription, starting with badass 70s Heart.  I listened to their Greatest Hits compilation (CD | MP3), which mostly contains their louder, earlier work.


The relative opposite of a calorie-conscious TV dinner are meatballs, doused in honey mustard, followed by some tri-tip roast (with the fat hanging from the edges).  It was a glorious meal.


I use the term relative opposite because I’m pretty much staying within some thematic limit (for instance, the band Heart) but doing the opposite within those limits (badass 70s Heart vs. sappy 80s Heart).  So with my ad hoc terminology in mind, the relative opposite of a nice and breezy wine cooler would be some 2004 Merlot from the Central Coast of California, drunk straight from the bottle.  It totally worked with the beef and the rock music.

When that was finished, I had a bottle of Stella, then a bottle of Newcastle. You can hear my condition by the end of the podcast.



— Ryan

FoodBoozeTunes: ‘Styx – Greatest Hits’

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

FoodBoozeTunes (1:19:30)

This is another combination from The Whitny List, albeit minutely modified.  In its original form, the prescription was chili + moonshine + “Renegade” by Styx.  The only Styx album in my collection is their Greatest Hits (CD | MP3) compilation, which contains “Renegade” and a bunch of familiar-sounding tracks (hence the Greatest Hits label).


True to the prescription, I had chili.  I opened two cans of chili:  One was a really “hot” con carne with beans; the other was of the vegetarian variety with beans.  I warmed the chili over the stove, adding some chopped beef bacon and meatballs to the mix.  Garnished with some shredded four-cheese “Mexican” blend, it was delightful.


I didn’t have moonshine on hand, so I went with ol’ reliable Gentleman Jack, my go-to North American whiskey.  I had a couple of shots’ worth, but I didn’t shoot ‘em.  (If you want to hear some borderline binge-drinkin’, try the Skynyrd and Lennon/Dimebag podcasts.)

MR.BEER® Home Brewing Kits. American's #1 Home Brewing System. Makes a great gift!Anyhow, since I mentioned moonshine, let’s talk about making your own booze.  Well, distilling homemade liquor might not be safe, but home-brewed beer could be good.  Mr. Beer sells home-brewing kits:  “America’s most popular brewing kit.  Complete, easy-to-use.  Only $39.95.”

Okay, back to our regularly-scheduled program –


Long story short — this episode gave me gas.  I blame Dennis DeYoung’s synthesizer.  (Okay, the chili might have played a minor role.)

Incidentally, using “Renegade” is one of the best ways to end a TV episode:

— Ryan

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