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FoodBoozeTunes vs. TV: ‘Supernatural’

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

The sixth season of the CW network series Supernatural begins this Friday.  Basically, the show is about two brothers from Lawrence, Kansas – Sam and Dean Winchester – driving across the continental U.S. in a 1967 Impala, hunting monsters, and saving people (by hunting monsters).  Without giving too much away about previous seasons, season six is supposed to take place after the Apocalypse.  (Maybe that gave away a little too much.)  I, for one, am excited about these new episodes.  In any case, this is FoodBoozeTunes, so we’re going to judge this series against our criteria of food, booze, and tunes.

Food. One of the heroes of the story, Dean, likes eating food.

Dean especially likes pie.

Their angel friend Castiel likes hamburgers.

As far as food usage goes, Supernatural scores an A+. (more…)

— Ryan

FoodBoozeTunes vs. TV: ‘Lost’

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Unlike most mass media critics, FoodBoozeTunes grades books, film, TV, etc., on the basis of food, booze, and tunes used.  The first on the chopping block is the recently-finished TV saga Lost.

Personally, I love the show and its ending.  For those who have the time, I recommend watching the entire series from the beginning.  For those who want the gist of its awesomeness, I recommend watching the first episode “Pilot (Parts One and Two),” the first season finale “Exodus (Parts One and Two),” all the Desmond-centric episodes, and the finale “The End.”  For those who just want to watch one episode of the show, I suggest they check out “The Constant.”

Anyhow, this is about the food, booze, and tunes of Lost — isn’t it? (more…)

— Ryan

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