Follow these 13 relatively simple steps, and you too can create a FoodBoozeTunes (or Shut-in Cinema) podcast experience!

1. Choose your food.

2. Choose your booze (or whatever drink, if you don’t drink drink).

3. Choose your tunes (an album, film, or even a television episode).

4. Use a recording device with a decent microphone.

5. Use headphones while consuming the food, booze, and tunes.  You don’t want to have unlicensed, copyrighted audio in your podcast, lest the music/movie/television industries clamp down on you.

6. Hit record.

7. Let the audience know the menu (food, booze, and tunes).

8. Let the audience know when to press play…right…about…now.

9. Discuss.  Rant.  Comment.  Critique.  Joke.  Mock.  Praise.  (Use a co-host!  Or have a round-table discussion!)  Make strange eating and drinking sounds.  Have fun with your FoodBoozeTunes podcast!

10. When all the food is eaten, all the booze is drunk (and possibly you as well), and the album/movie/show is over — stop the recording.

11. Minimally edit (clean up the start and end of the podcast, and make sure your voice has good volume), and create an MP3 (mono, 128 kbps should suffice) of your podcast.  Audacity (an audio editing program) is free and awesome (and free!).

12. Upload your MP3 to a safe, free, Creative Commons-friendly place like the Internet Archive.

13. Let us know, either by commenting below with your FoodBoozeTunes menu and the URL of your MP3, or by tweeting to us @FoodBoozeTunes with that info.  If we like it (we probably will), we’ll blog it*!

Eat, drink, and make merry = FoodBoozeTunes.

*By commenting or tweeting, you grant DeRamos Media a free license to use your FoodBoozeTunes-inspired MP3 for a future FoodBoozeTunes entry.  That’s why we suggest you use the Internet Archive to upload your file:  Share, and share alike.

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